BLINK.PRO Infinity

Blink “Double-O” are models from the Blink family designed for simultaneous training, excellent for team sports. Two (or more) athletes participate in training stimulating the development of specific psychophysical characteristics or the whole body.

Exercises performed on Blink in pairs (groups) allow turning on the mechanisms of direct competition. This translates to effective preparation for real sports events. Thanks to special programs, athletes perfect the ability to react and concentrate instantly.

Sample exercise: If you see a brief flash, act immediately - press the button. You partner...

These models were also used in fitness analysis and athletes selection, and as a "source of information" on roles assumed during group exercises.

Team bonding events are another idea to use Blink “Double-O” or “∞ Infinity”. A program of games was developed with the achievement of two goals in mind: establishing ties in the team and improving athletes’ condition.