Blink is a professional diagnostic machine...

Blink is a professional diagnostic machine which, due to its structure and used diagnostic software, allows testing athletes’ fitness, focusing on basic psychophysical characteristics:
- reaction time,
- visual-motor coordination (eye-hand coordination),
- peripheral vision,
- ability to concentrate.

Blink is used to test athletes during training camps; it supports the selection process for important sports events; and it aids trainers in choosing the proper training program for individual athletes. It allows revising progress of an athlete, comparing his or her results with the rest of the tested group, monitoring improvement during rehabilitation after an injury or verifying effectiveness of different training methods during long-term work with an athlete.


Blink is not only testing or diagnostic equipment – it is also...

Blink is not only testing or diagnostic equipment – it is also a training machine which develops an athlete’s peripheral vision through visual-motor stimulation as well as improves his or her motor coordination and precision in analysing signals received by the eye. Athletes participating in regular training sessions on Blink achieve better psychophysical form, and effects of such training can be seen on the field, mat, court or in the ring - where they really matter.


Results of tests registered by Blink are available trainer’s detailed assessment and analysis...

Results of tests registered by Blink are available for trainer’s detailed assessment and analysis. A trainer may compare many athletes from a group, e.g. during training camps or national team camps, as well as analyse training progress of an athlete within a longer period of time or in changing circumstances, e.g. after recovery or rehabilitation following an injury. Apart from reports and analyses being part of Blink’s software, a trainer may also export data and analyse it in specialist sports and medical applications.

Blink machines are registered industrial designs, and the software and technological and IT solutions delivered with them are intellectual property of DW Group.