Therapy for adults

Cognitive training may help improve the cognitive function and quality of life in adults with various conditions. Cognitive exercises may assist in improving focus, memory, abstract thinking, spatial perception, planning and problem-solving, which may translate into better ability to live independently. What is more, cognitive training may help reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and other emotional disorders, which will have a positive effect on general well-being and quality of life.

Cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy with the BLINK.PRO™ MED device involves biofeedback mechanisms and can be a part of compensation exercises both for chronic patients and healthy individuals in need of assistance. The BLINK.PRO™ MED medical device is used for treatment in physiotherapy and ergotherapy, including specialised neurological rehabilitation. The device offers a new type of exercises that improve the patient's coordination and focus using interactive tasks. This supports neuroplastic brain changes and facilitates motor learning processes. The device may help adults patients with various conditions and dysfunctions.


This type of therapy is indicated particularly to patients diagnosed with:

  • Conditions of central and peripheral nervous system (e.g. cerebral palsy, peripheral paralysis).
  • Neurological and orthopaedic disorders (e.g. after brain stroke, involving cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis etc.).
  • Disorders of stability and coordination.
  • Behavioural disorders, cognitive disorders and disturbances in attention.