BLINK.PRO Diamonds

BLINK.PRO is a fitness training device that allows your psychomotor skills to reach their peak performance. This means, improving physical movements associated with conscious cognitive processing. BLINK.PRO is a heavy-duty device, so going the extra mile while training never becomes an issue. 


Psychomotor skill development at its finest has always been a must when it comes to world class athletes’ achieving the highest results. Use single player mode for improving your peripheral vision, which contributes to faster reaction times.

Customized programs

BLINK.PRO has a built-in 7-inch touchscreen which allows for the creation of customized programs that are focused on enhancing reaction times in certain areas or generating specific directions of movement. Customized programs can be prepared for both modes, single player mode and multi player mode.


BLINK.PRO supports multiplayer competition mode, allowing you to train with your sparring partner. By adding BLINK.PRO training to your workout routine , you improve your reflexes , maintain your psychomotor abilities at a top level while competing , all in order to hone your world class athlete motor skills.


There are 240 movement combinations available on the BLINK.PRO Diamonds device. Based on that, it is possible to tell in which of those combinations the player is at his fastest and slowest. You can be very fast from bottom up, but slower when going from side to side and vice versa. Using BLINK.PRO it is possible to determine what sensors on the machine you can reach the fastest and which ones need reflex improvement.

We measure athletes’ speed and visual-motor coordination on BLINK.PRO. With the data collected, we create a psychological profile, which is then used to monitor future progress and to show trends. We can use this information for improved peripheral vision which can be accomplished for faster reaction time. We can then establish the strongest and weakest points of an athlete’s visual-motor coordination and therefore find areas to improve.

Product specification

Number of sensors 16
Number of training programs No-limit
Modes Single player, multi-player, AI refined
Sensors*) Mechanical sensors / touch sensors
Sensors color*) Natural (metal), black, red, purple, orange
Screen 7-inch touchscreen
Wireless connection Yes
Size 158 x 236 x 9 cm (H x L x D)
Weight 67 kg
*) Configurable while placing an order