How it works

BLINK.PRO is a fitness training device that allows your psychomotor skills to reach their peak performance. This means, improving physical movements associated with conscious cognitive processing. BLINK.PRO helps you with three things: become faster than others, become faster than yourself by improving your reflexes and maintains your psychomotor abilities on a top level while competing.

Step 1

Just plug it in

BLINK.PRO is a Plug & Play device, so no configuration is required. It supports wireless connection with remote devices such your smartphone or tablet, but they are not required. BLINK.PRO has a built-in 7-inch touchscreen so you can use it without any additional devices. Just press the button to start your training session.

Step 2

Improve your skills

You don’t need anyone around for training sessions. The BLINK.PRO machine uses AI, which allows you to improve your speed, even when training in single player mode. The AI included in the machine focuses on enhancing your reaction times. The faster you are, the more demanding a training routine becomes.

Step 3

Analyze the data

Check how quickly your motor skills react to sensory information. Ensure your movements are quick and coordinated. Compare results and check your progress. All of these you can do by analyzing the data gathered by the device.

Step 4

Compete with others

BLINK.PRO supports multiplayer competition mode, allowing you to train with your sparring partner. By adding BLINK.PRO training to your workout routine, you improve your reflexes, maintain your psychomotor abilities at a top level while competing, all in order to hone your world class athlete motor skills.