Child Therapy

Cognitive training is significant for children as it helps them to develop their cognitive abilities, such as focus, memory, abstract thinking, spatial perception, planning and problem-solving. These abilities are key for success at school and in life.

Exercising on a regular basis may help develop creativity and innovativeness: this is essential in today's world, which keeps on changing and developing. The challenges that children face today are getting more and more complicated and demanding, and cognitive training may support developing the abilities necessary for living up to them.

Cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy with the BLINK.PRO™ MED device may help children deal with various difficulties, such as ADHD, disturbances in attention, dyslexia, disordered spatial perception and many more.

Cognitive exercises

Doing cognitive exercises on a regular basis strengthens the brain, improves focus and efficiency, and leads to better coping with stress and emotional distress.

PLEASE NOTE: The BLINK.PRO™ MED medical device can be used by children at the age of 8 or more. Hyperactive children and epileptic patients may participate in the therapy after medical consultation.